Thursday, September 28, 2017

Curiosity kills the cat


When someone accidentally blurted out the exact amount they charge, but another said that there's no hidden charges, maka terdetik satu perasaan curiosity.. What happen to the differences.

It's not the matter of the amount to pay, but when you know there's a difference, it itches you to know 😂

But knowing how sincere the person is, which is a very nice person, I feel guilty to ask. But it's really tempting to know.. I really want to know the breakdown.. I mean c'mon, it's for the team benefit kan.

RM 10 sebulan, banyak tu. Setahun dah RM120 seorang

Acaner tu?

I think what really triggers me was, that extra should be put to good use. Kids meal for breakfast during events, or transportation if needed one day. Or maybe I am so kiasu and kan chong, that I counted every cent of it? I mean, it's really hard to earn monies nowadays. I struggle to meet both ends, so I think I deserve to know the structure or breakdown don't i?

Again, i am not complaining on the amount to pay. I myself would be pissed off if someone ask me the exact details of how I charge my cakes. But there's akad and you agree to it. Anyway, with all prices has gone up, x untung mana pun weh since i never increase the prices yet.

Cuma bila dikatakan fee sekian sekian, i thought all goes to the trainer, but oh well.... Maybe if there's an admin charges of rmxx, they should declared so those paying x tertanya tanya.

Signing out 😘😘

PS: bahaya bila sesuatu itu menimbulkan syakwasangka.. & bila terdetik, maka syaitan mula memainkan peranan mereka. Astaghfirullah. Semoga Allah ampunkan dosa aku, akibat terdetik perasaan begitu.

Friday, September 15, 2017

New launching

Looking for a property in Shah Alam?

Overlooking the golf course?

Inside a golf club?

Look no further.

Come and meet me this Saturday and Sunday during our official launching.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

My kinda overnight oats

Susah nak telan oats.

So I decided to try overnight oats. Bila buka resepi, boleh tahan bahan2 dia. Well, just make do with what I already have.

Cuma letak 3 sb oats, gula perang 2sb, chia seed, 3 sb oats lagi, & susu. I don't put yogurt cos I have none.. And I don't feel like buying one.

First time I added srrawberry jem, sedap tapi manis. So next round I omit that, not good for my sugar intake 😂

The taste? Excellent. And I prefer overnight better than bancuh makan panas

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dobi Layan Diri

Hari ni aku ke sini.

Washer yang berkhidmat selama 8 tahun, akhirnya kaput 😣. It's been a good 8 years together.

Seminggu basuh tangan, aku akhirnya mengalah. Baju sendiri tak apa lagi, baju satu rumah, menangis weh.

Hari ni, aku ke dobi layan diri sederet dengan KAFA AD1. 2 jam lebih di sana aku manfaatkan sepenuhnya. Settle basuh, kering dan lipat.

Wahai mesin yang baru, cepatlah dikau menjelma.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Breakfast with AD 20170830

Both of them enjoying their breaskfast of... Maggi goreng 😂😂

Moment too good not to be captured