Thursday, September 20, 2012

Child creativity / Kreativi Anak

I am not a creative person, ask my classmate.. I love arts, but when it comes to grading my arts, I never scored A for it.

Anyhow, I became more interested in arts when having a 3 years old kids.. What can I say, kids love to play with pencils, colours, blocks.. anything that they can create something with.. Hence, it's part of our playtime activity now.

Well, my son loves to create buildings with his LEGO or MEGABLOCK toys! As for me, those tiny parts can really test my patience! But for his sake, I just play along with him :) Bagus sebenarnya! He actually became more alert, careful, and he actually named his creation and ask me to take pictures of them! Bila tanya what's that, he'll say that's a big tall house like the one we live in, or a big house with land like his Oma's.. Siap dengan ini bilik mama, ini dapur and sorts! hehehe..

I have no idea what this is.. but he explained each one to me.. don't ask :)

And being bored at home one day, he edited his ultraman monster into this:

Dia kata accessory ultraman biar ada power lebih.. hahahah..

And I also let him help me with cooking! The simple one la kan.. Like when I'm making soups, goreng mi ke.. but not at any deep frying la, karang terkena minyak satu kerja pulak kan..

Even when learning his ABC, I realized that he doesn't really like to use the flash cards.. So we bought a drawing block, and write together the letters on it! Dia pun boleh belajar kenal huruf dan menulis dalam masa yang sama kan?

The only thing that I still cannot solve is his pelat-ness.. heheheh.. tapi might be silap sendiri sebab selalu cakap dengan dia laju2.. sekarang tengah cuba bercakap sepatah-sepatah untuk dia dapat menangkap setiap perkataan dengan terang.. insyaAllah..


ajan said...

Aku pun kasi Kimi tolong aku in the kitchen. In fact, aku suruh. Muahahahaa.

And he is willing to help alhamdulillah. Guys who can cook are sexy.

aieesha.salleh said...

Kan ajan... lagi desirable kot guys yang tau menolong ni.. :)

and i thinks it's good to let them do it from now kan.. tiada diskriminasi :)

tang pelat tu je, aku takde solution neh

ajan said...

takpe la nanti lama2 dia adjust sendiri tu. Baru 4 tahun.

4 kan?

Aishah Salleh said...

yup, 4 tahun baru.. :)