I am...

I'm Aishah Salleh.
Those from the old days call me Tino (thanks to my brother who can't call me as Kak CT Nur, and end up calling me Kak TiNo)
I was working as an IT Exec before in a GLC automotive company, but decided to turn the leaf to be a real estate negotiator. And I actually love it so much! It's still stressful, but in a different way ^_^
I am married with 2 adorable sons. Eldest born in 2008, youngest in 2013. Yes people, they are 5 years apart.
I miss my late father so much. Altho we always argue with each other, he is after all my father figure! I miss getting his advice, arguing with him, helping him around when he need me to, and the funny part is, I miss giving him 'urut kaki'. Cuma itu saja yang mampu aku berikan kepada dia.
I wish for a world where there's no political issues, doesn't matter is it's world politics, office politics and yes, let's get back to basic!

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