Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My 2016 didn't start off as i planned. Everything is going south, and i don't know why. Ok, i think deep down i always knew why. ANGER was part of it.

I just want to move out of the counrty, start life elsewhere, come back here once a year. Boleh?

I'm tired of thinking for them, worrying for them, when none of them actually cared how i feel. Never even bother to care about how i feel. Malas nak fikir, tapi tanggungjawab memaksa kita untuk ambil tahu dan berfikir. Lantak lah semua.

Well, abang is having measles now. So 1 week of MC for him. Adik, also cuti since dah direct contact, takkan nak hantar kan. Sekali fikir, sakit hati bila adik kerap sakit bila dah mula school. Maybe i shud only send him pagi, for playtime only, nap time etc, balik rumah la.. lets try that.

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