Tuesday, August 23, 2016


It's been super duper dusty now

I realized that most of my friends have moved on to instagram, twitter and those that you can post it immediately when needed, there's no need to log in, compose and post, hehehe.

I'm still doing this because i rants a lot in this blog. My excitement, my frustration. You see, i have a bad case of anger management control. But hey, i don't hit people. So this is the best way for me to let go whatever feeling i have at that moment.

But so far alhamdulillah. There's no story that I want to post. Bagus kan...

Apart from me doing my mini bakery made to order style, running around with 2 kids, negotiating properties, I am still happy with what I'm doing. Tiring, but happy.

There are some issues surrounding me that i do not want to deal right now. but i decided to just tolak tepi.

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