Friday, July 05, 2013

Short Rambling (I hope)


I don't understand how people think at times. I have a doa selamat at my uncle's place tonight. And we plan on going, even tho we will be a bit late. Funny thing is, my mom is not going sebab my brother has something on tonight. Pfft.

Again. Mom said oh it is ok, i don't go but you go. Sah sah la maknya.. If I go there without you, I will definitely kena bambu. People will question me, both of you from Shah Alam. Apa susah sangat kau nak amik mak kau bawak datang Ampang sekali? Pftt. Macam lah sorang dok utara sorang dok selatan yang boleh main pegi asing2 gitu.

And I was so looking forward to go. Pfttt.

And my adik lelaki kesayangan tu, i hope that he really has something important ala-ala dead or alive lah sampai tak boleh postpone kan. Or else memang lah.

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