Friday, July 05, 2013

Again on Putrajaya FPP

Again on Hospital Putrajaya FPP.

Just received a call from the person in charge. Here is the detail explanation:

There are only 3 gynea doctors there. And of course i opt for the female doctor. Tapi alangkah baik sungguh nasibku, she has close or so called freeze new patient. Nak habiskan patient existing case sahaja. So am left with the other two doctors, which by the way, male doctor. Err.. I have to discuss this with Mie definitely. 

Admission needs deposit of RM3K. Normal delivery cost around RM2000++ and csect is about RM3000 to 5000++.  Almost about the same like SALAM MC kan.. Not much of a problem.

Husband is only allowed to be with you if you are in the executive ward. There are only 7 beds single room exec ward, and few more on exec room double bed. Other than that, husband pun kena datang ikut visiting hour. Ini a bit problem. Regardless of how strong i can be, I need him to be with me ALL THE TIME until discharge. Hahaha.

Children below 12 years old are NOT allowed to visit. Adoi, this is the minus point for me. Even if it is meant for good reason. Mana aku nak letak Ashraf during the couple of days? Or lebih kepada I cannot be apart from him more than a day ok. Surely i will be gelisah resah tak tentu arah kan.

Oh tiba-tiba I feel like striking out FPP HPJ from my list. Simply because Ashraf is not allowed to see baby adik right after delivery. Hubby better has strong points to reset my mind :)

I am not a friendly person when I'm being admitted. Duduk bilik 2 orang pun tak pernah nak berborak dengan orang sebelah. Reason: I am there because tak sihat, same as the one on the next bed. So being admitted should be for you to rest more and less disturbance kan? That's why I always opt for single room. Wah demand makcik esah ni.

On other note, I have about 4 months to motivate myself and close a big sale so that I can just settle down with the hospital i like most. Crossing fingers for 1 big closing, and asingkan siap-siap for baby. Sonang kojo den. If ini tak menjadi, then aku serahkan segalanya atas keputusan Mie ^_^

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