Thursday, July 04, 2013

Review on Hospitals

I know it is still early for me to review on the hospital options to deliver baby adik, since baby adik is due in October 2013. Oh by the way, baby adik EDD is only 2 days apart from Ashraf's EDD. And Ashraf was born 3 weeks early. If baby adik decides to pop out about the same time like Ashraf, I guess this will be his birthday present ^_^

I don't really know why, but hubby has an inner feeling that this time i may not have a normal delivery. Pulak dah. It is usually me with all this inner instinct craps, but.. So we decided to put into consideration on the delivery cost - normal and csect option. At first we decided that if normal, I will go to my previous hospital. But then again, who knows what can happen in the labour room right?

So I decided to find a hospital where i can have both choices without the hassle later on.

This is my survey so far:

  • DEMC
    • I am currently doing my monthly check up here. I love the doctor, I love the Paed, I love the physian, I love the environment. The only thing that really test my patience here is the billing and pharmacy department. Lama tunggu.
    • The cost for normal delivery is from RM3000 to RM5000, depending on the room you choose. Epidural is at RM600, Induce RM300, Vacuum RM300. Value is just a round figure.
    • The cost for plan csect is between RM7000 to RM9000. This is for those without any complication. Complication includes tali pusat terbelit ke, baby susah nak keluarkan ke.. all sorts of situation that you can imagine. 
    • If you go in for normal delivery but during that time you have to be operated, then the cost will be more.
  •  UKMSC (UKM Specialist Centre)
    • UKMSC is part of Hospital UKM. But UKMSC is the private wings where you can choose your specialist, and only be seeing 1 doctor throughout the whole pregnancy.
    • Normal delivery is between RM3000 to RM4000
    • Csect delivery is between RM6000 to RM7000
    • I read all the good reviews about HUKM and UKMSC. 
    • The only thing is it is quite far from Shah Alam, and if i have the contraction during weekdays office hour, OMG.. hehe
  • Hospital UMRA
    • Hospital UMRA has a delivery package. Menarik juga. 
    • For normal delivery, where you get a VIP room, the cost is RM1569.
    • For csect delivery, also with a VIP room, the cost is RM3899 min. The nurse that pick up the phone mentioned that plan csect is about RM4000 and emergency csect is around RM6000.
  •  Hospital SALAM MC
    • This is the nearest hospital from my house. Sangat sangat dekat ^_^
    • Also has a delivery package.
    • For normal delivery, the cost is RM1999
    • For Csect delivery, the cost is RM5555, maximum can go to RM6000 to RM7000. 
  • Hospital Putrajaya (FPP)
    • I just recently found out about FPP (Full Paying Patient) from my hubby.
    • I tried to call them but the counter is too busy. I understand.
    • The concept is about the same like HUKM and UKMSC.
    • I read from the review, normal delivery costs around RM1000++ while CSect delivery is around RM3000++
    • They have the private wing at level 5A.
    • Husband can accompany you during the labour process.
    • InsyaAllah, they don't turn down the FPP patient. If you are not FPP patient, they can actually transfer you to the next nearest hospital if the wards are full.
I actually still prefer to deliver at DEMC. All my records are there. But since hubby's company only covers RM2000 for maternity, we have to fork out a lot if things don't go as plan. He has the point there. Rather that paying additional few thousands just to deliver at a private hospital, we can actually use the same amount for the baby's comfort at home. And i can get a confinement lady to look after me for 1 week straight :) Will blog about the massage package later. And oh, we plan to do it all by ourselves this time. Pantang di rumah sendiri, buat semua sendiri :) Mama is not as strong as before to take care of me, and Mak is working. Plus i think that i prefer to do it in a stress free environment. InsyaAllah, do pray for us.


MAMASUE said...

aieesha, u should do fine.this is not the 1st time rite? about confinement, people say that its better that u r not alone.takut meroyan...take care!

aieesha.salleh said...

Hi Sue.. Not much of worry on the delivery part, but more worry on the ongkosnya. hehehe. Part pantang tu, seems like no choice la dear. My mother pun dah tak sihat now. So have to consider option lain. thinking of having a stay in confinement lady with me :)