Friday, May 21, 2010

Me when... no car office lengang

Somehow my office seems to be half empty today. Hmm, at times like this, I am usually the most cheerful person sebab dah keluar dua tanduk yang cantik atas kepala ^_^. But not today.

Hubby has a meeting at Tanjung*Malim (of all the days, why must it be today  when I am so freaking sleepy and really need to have a good afternoon nap at home??). You see, I have a 2 hours break every Friday. Unlike most ladies out there, I spent my two hours break at home. This is the best time for me to have a good rest, or balik basuh dan jemur baju. Waah, terasa macam isteri mithali secara tiba2 ^_^ Alaa, this usually happens if i have plans on weekends je.

So back to the main reason I'm posting this now. Adalah sangat frust bila office kosong tapi diri sendiri tak ada kereta untuk meronggeng. Ekekeke. So i have to stay here, be quiet and try to get my beauty nap secara duduk. Boleh ke?

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