Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am physically in my office, at my desk, preparing some user manual (aiming at 3 manuals per day in order to complete everything by end of June 2010). But somehow, only my body is here. And because of that, I..did not..start..any..user..manuals.. at all!! Dang!!

This is all because my mind is totally wrapped up with other things.. mainly on the project home. I think I will be like this until our project home completed kot? Hehehe. This is bad... This is reallllyyyy bad *_*. Need help lah like this.
Oh, I am waiting for the nursery to give their answer if I can leave my son there on the 28th in case the moving process cannot be completed on time. Menunggu jawapan untuk itu juga amat meresahkan hati. A lot in my crazy mind actually kan? What if they say no since it is a public holiday. And I thought about maybe they want to go and visit Arry's family since her late mom was the nursery founder kan. I think if they decided not to look after Ashraf on that day, then I have to stay home and look after him. Let Mr Suami handle the mover and all. Or maybe I can get my sis in law to look after my son and I help mr suami at DP ke. But come to think of it, she hasn't meet my son for almost 6 months now. Harus si kecil itu mengamuk sakan. Hmm, maybe I can get her to help her brother there at DP.  

Oh, I am craving for Ikea's meatballs. Bila dapatnya nak makan itu kan?

Ok, back to work ^_^


okinokiyo said...

i dulu buat grill sikit2..i buat the windows dulu. and corak yg line biasa jek, tp sbb my husband & i tak suka crowded2, then later buat pintu pulak. and sampai sekarang belum buat grill utk sliding door, sbb i jarang bukak sliding door, angin kuat sgt.

so actually grill tu boleh buat sikit2..u boleh tanya org buat grill tu..

aieesha.salleh said...

okinokiyo: oh Thank you for d info :) Itu lah, my husband pulak tengah mensurvey harga2 grill sebab my dad pun advice buat sliding je dulu. kami pun grill pintu depan dan grill yard belakang nasib baik dah buat last year. :)