Tuesday, February 17, 2009

At Randoms

I haven't been posting any new post since forever *at least that's how i feel*

Since I have two darlings now, I hardly spend my time on other things.. Kenapa, tak percaya ke? Magnificently, I don't feel less happy or boring or incomplete not being able to do other favourite things on weekends.. Lama tau tak shopping, tak hang out with friends, tak lepak mamak malam2, tak tengok movie kat g*s*c.. Semua laa.. Both me and hubster just love hanging at home, playing with Ashraf, and doing nothing.. I guess it's true what other people said.. When you have kids, your life changes, more meaningful and entah ek, for me, I feel truely happy and bless with what I have now.. Tak terasa nak mintak apa2 yang lain buat masa sekarang.. Sesungguhnya aku bersyukur :)

On my lil angel development as of today:
  • Suka mengiring, but not in front of us.. We have to curi2 tengok, baru dia buat.
  • Bila ditiarapkan, dia macam buat push ups.. hehehe.. geli hati betul.
  • On weekdays, he doesn't demand this, but on weekends and public holiday, macam tau2 je: Usually he'll wake us up at 6.30am, or when bunyi burung dah bising kat luar. He just love to hear and watch the birds early in the morning.. Weekend, 7 am dah terpacak luar rumah tunjuk burung.. adoi laa.
  • Dia dah pandai nangis mengamuk, nangis memanggil, nangis manje.. hihihi
  • Semalam dia pegang botol sendiri, from start to end. Actually this is the 3rd time dah rasanya.. :)
  • Sangat suka senyum, nampak sesapa pun laa.. Babysitter dia kata, dia pandai bwk diri, and asik senyum and ketawa je.. pandai mengagah..
  • Sangat observant. Suka memerhati.. Tapi pelik lah, suka sangat tgk logo baju uniform kerja mama dia..
  • Bila duduk, dah pandai pose.. kelakar2.. nanti i post piccies..

On my part, I don't know why, I gained weight now.. 2 bulan bekerja, naik 4 kg.. Alamak, I think I have to opt for HL again.. And my working life might be bzbee next month onwards..

On us, nothing much.. We practically try to live life to the fullest and seize the moment :)

Oh, Ashraf is no longer at his babysitter's house.. dah pindah ke nursery babysitter dia due to some unexpected incident.. but somehow, I'm happy to see him happy :)

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