Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Breast Pump

Hi all..

I know it's too early to go look for a breast pumps.. But I started surveying for one since we knew the gr8 news.. I decided to fully BF my baby.. so dear baby, wish your mama here will be able to produce as per your demand okay..

Since my cousin is coming back this July from UK, I asked her to survey the price for me.. huhuhu.. After gathering info on the pumps, I decided to get a manual Avent Isis pump.. if the milky produce is excellent, then I'm getting an electric pump also.. Most of the advice i'm getting is to have extra pump in case of emergency ke ape ke kan.. so if ada rezeki, I'm thinking of getting spectra 3 as well.. tapi itu nanti lah fikir kan..

So kebetulan, ramai pulak kat IT ni preggie.. kalau kat COE ni, every row ada wakil.. huhuhu.. and the one closest to me is this planning team member laa.. let's named her as IA.. Kebetulan, her sister just got back from UK, and she bought 2 avent isis pump since she's due anytime now (rupenya si IA pesan 1 as well laa).. then she found an electric pump and she bought that as well.. So she's selling one of the manual pump at RM150.. I think it's a good deal since after surveying, here in KL, the price is at RM200+.. Nak dijadikan cerita, I've decided to buy that pump.. huhu.. tak sangka kat UK, only 25dollar jer?? wow..

So, kesimpulannya, I start to buy my baby stuff sikit2 lah.. waiting if there's any baby warehouse sale coming soon :)


Anonymous said...

cik tino, kedai baby nama babyjaya or babyjaya.com tgh sale until 3rd aug. Note, this is one of my favorite store ye.

aieesha.salleh said...

haah cik zam..
semalam baru pegi.. pergh, mamat tu punye explanation memang bagus.. memang kena pegi lagi ;)