Monday, June 16, 2008

Parent's Day Stories

Well, I know this post should be written earlier..

Tapi maaf, tanpa kemudahan internet di rumah, adalah susah bagai untuk membuat posting di office.. Lagipun, kerja asik masuk je, keluar takde.. huhuhu..

To sum up all, this post will be about mother's day and father's day lah.. ;)

Mother's Day
We booked lunch session at Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant at Damansara Height.. Mak parked at our place and we met Mama and Papa in front of the restaurant.. Food was superliciously MARVELOUS!! Tomyam dia, perghhhhh.. Nothing like other places... Then Soft Crab dia wow.. Even the kerabu mangga pun menjilat jari.. But the price on that day memang tinggi.. (takpe lah, bukan selalu pun celebrate kan? Once a year only) They only served sets that day.. and the set was RM70/pax.. huhuhu.. But overall we're SATISFIED.. They even wish the moms mother's day wishes.. Coolness okay ;)

huhuhu.. Father's day?? We didn't plan anything.. Reason: Papa ada wedding kat TGG on Friday & Sat.. and they planned to be back here on Monday.. Even my MIL followed my parents to TGG.. but we had lunch at home on Sun.. Sempat lah lepak and wish semua.. Well, lucky for us, he seemed happy to celebrate that way, more santai-ness lah.. We ate satar, keropok lekor TGG and pulut panggang ikan.. pergh... chedapppp.. (pesanan khas dari mommy-to-be ni lah).. last2, semua kekenyangan..

Anyway, I'd like to wish to all parents and parents-to-be a very very enjoyable mother's and father's day!! Hope you guys had lot's of fun like we did.. :)

till later..

Owh, if any of you guys want to try this place, you can call this no:

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