Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I have discovered that:

  • I actually can cook a number of dishes for him to eat (the simple ones though).. When I'm feeling depress, my cooking method become artistic and always menjadi lebih menarik than usual..
  • I love shopping, but when the mall is not full with people/shoppers macam perkampungan semut
  • I have less shoes compared to dear husband.. why? I like to use one until it cannot be worn anymore while he likes to have few choices to choose from everytime.. hmmm.. rasanya kena topup jumlah kasut2ku..
  • I have become more sensitive with him now.. hmmm, ada benda kalo tak puas hati, I only kept quiet and refer to bullet point 1.. lagi satu, I will go to another room to cry.. that's when I have to made a choice between 2 things.. sigh.. ape nak jadi nih??
  • I like pump shoes, and i am comfortable with size 7.. although it's tight at first, but later it will be just nice.. tapi selalu beli size 8 cos i am not patient!! :)
  • I like to play games, i like PS2, i like sports.. but now, i don't have ample time to do all these.. sigh.. seriously with work and all, 24 hours ain't enough..
  • owh, i like baking.. ;)

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