Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yes Boss

What do you think?? Is it easy to be a boss??

Bosses have more responsibility than other employees..
Bosses make the decisions and when the decisions made failed, they got all the slamming and explaining to do to the higher management level..
Bosses got the headaches handling hundreds of heads under him or her..

But when you reflect it the other way...

The employees down there are the one that have to get their hands dirty..
The employees are the one that have to work their hardest to fulfill what the bosses need..
The employees are the one that got all the dirty look and slamming after their bosses got slammed by the higher division..


The bosses get higher pays than the other employees..

Sigh.. When your boss needs something, you have to get it right?? No matter if it's within 5 minutes, an hour, or anytime convenient.. Looking at the bright side, the bosses get more sumpah seranah than the workers.. triple maybe.. :)


Do you want to be the boss or merely an employee?


Wafaa said...

tapi boss pon jangan la ego kan? atau, cuci tangan.

aieesha.salleh said...

yep yep.. boss oh boss...