Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm feeling really dizzy today.. Kepala berat lah.. ;( I think I didn't get enough sleep last night.. Dear hubby said, I was too sleepy to even realize the aircond was turned off automatically (I set the timer to be at 3am) but at the same time I threw away the comforter and making all this weird sound as it was getting hotter by 4am.. Malu tak?? But he said I might be too tired, too sleepy and too lazy to get up and switch on the ceiling fan.. Yes dear, penat lah semalam.. Pening banyak sangat keje...

Nak main PS2 pun tak sempat ;(

Yesterday users' requests are still pending.. I'm a bit blank on what need to be done.. Hello!! SD was previously handled by me, and I am the back up person now since my major support is the PP module.. Since the PIC is currently in a project now, I have to handle this myself.. Banyak lah request nak add itu ini.. ;( Mencik..

The boss's request is ongoing now.. But I tend to get confuse at times with what the boss really wants.. Hmmmm.. What is happening to me ek?? Or this this a sign to.......?? There are too many items that need clarification from the users.. Sigh.. I don't feel like calling them and ask them all the necessary questions..

Standard answers from them will be:
  1. I'm not sure.. Can you check with this person?
  2. I don't even know we have this!!
  3. No I don't use it but I have some issues that need your urgent attention..

DUH... No 3 is the one that I'm not up to.. I hate it when they take advantage of my calls and give me more issues to solve.. Hate it so much..

Sometimes I wonder, does my JD align with what I'm actually doing?? Dalam JD to nama semua gempak2, but sometimes I feel like I am merely just a problem solver.. If this is what I've become, than I should follow my first instinct and learn psychology instead.. Baru layak dipanggil problem solver ;)

Wish he allows me to just stay at home.........

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