Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why do you work?

I've asked myself this question for almost everyday..

Why do I have to work?? I told dear hubby since we were in uni that I'd rather be the one to take care of the households and kids than working from 8 to 5 everyday.. The response I got from him, simply the truth.. :(

He said that it is not impossible for me to be a fulltime homemaker one day, but it won't be achievable within 5 years of working life.. We have to pay the bills.. Simply that.. And provide a good home, good food, good environment and comfortability for our future family.. He told me simply the truth.. I want my family to have a good life.. And by letting him be the only one that looking for the good pay, it's impossible to get what we dream of within the targeted time.. Kebenaran itu boleh menyedarkan kita yang sedang leka kan??

Sometimes I ponder, how does my friends, cousins spend as if they do not have kids at home?? How can they maintain a spending habit as though their other half own a big firm or somewhat a tycoon when they are actually just a kulikutif like us?? How do they do it when their take home pay is similarly like mine?? Sigh..

I am particularly cerewet with what I spend.. Not because I am stingy or anything.. But I feel that the pay we got (as a freshgraduate) is not at par with the cost of living we're facing (if you live in Klang Valley).. Just imagine when you have to pay for car, house and everything.. Some might feel they can managed.. But not all of them.. To some people, they can get their parents to pay half or full monthly car payment and other stuffs they own.. including moi.. Frankly, I paid 80% of my monthly car loan, and the balance 20% is paid by my mom.. ;) That was when I am still single.. but it might just continue until I'm getting a 50% raised (which is impossible if I stay in the same org).. The trend is to jump from one company to another.. Why?? You can get a 30% raised each time you change org.. The thing is -- I hate that concept.. Macam penipu pulak rasanya.. Dear hubby said, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.. Shoot!! He's right, AGAIN..

Might do some deep thinking in few months.. Well, if the review is such a thumbs down.. I have to make a MAJOR turnaround plan.. For the sake of my financial terms, and my plan to have a family.. With the current expenditure & monetary in and out flow, I might not get what I dream of soon.. A family, with a comfy life and less headache on the expenses vs cost of living..

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