Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Aishah & Suhaimi Solemnisation 10 January 08


It was a busy day for me. Although Pak Teh brought his two maids (one is his, the other is my grandma's) to help us clean the house, but there are still some things that need to be done.. No angkat2 barang for me, that was my dear hubby-to-be warned me.. hihihi.. takut nanti terseliuh katanya..

Mokde, Tok Su and Baby came from TGG earlier to help around.. When Tok Su prepared our makan-makan, there are no excuse not to eat.. simply delicious!! Later on, Kak Jah and some others from Kuala Berang arrived.. Not to forget, Pak Teh & family, Mak Lang and Kak Lina, Pak Ngah and family dropped by that day.. Wow, ramainya orang..

My mom, baby and I rushed to Subang to pick up mom's baju kurung for tomorrow.. Then I was going here and there to prepare all the forgotten stuff (banyak benda asyik terlupa lah).. Not to forget BridalMate team was busy in my house preparing the pelamin, stairs, my baju and other stuff.. Big thanks to Abg Halim for his ideas and everything!!

Elok pulak dah malam, I just remembered opppsss.. signboards tak buat lagi lah.. owh no!! tak sempat dah nak print malam-malam ni.. Last resort, we searched for marker, few A4 size papers, and I passed the job to Kak Chu.. She's the creative one.. ;) Then, we rushed to section 2 to laminate all the signboards, and that was when i realized I forgot to buy my daily colour lense for tomorrow and my reception day.. heheh.. Off we go to Giant 13 to get my little but important items..


I woke up at 7.30 am.. Shoot!! I'm late.. Cepat2 masuk toilet mandi2, then pakai baju biasa lah.. Then turun bawah kejap.. My make-up artist was already waiting for me.. malunya saya!! About 8.30am, SallehNasruddin arrived.. We had our breakfast, then it's serious time.. Getting ready = lots of patients.. 2 hours to sit there and let other people paint your face?? penuh dengan kesabaran ok..

My maid of honour (Naya) did a great job!! I didn't expect her to be early.. I just asked her to be there at 10.30 am (during the solemnisation).. but she came early with her 'pengapit'.. hehehe.. Sungguh happy dan tenang bile nadia dalam bilik sama.. Then ayu sampai.. they were laughing and making me forget that I'm about to change my status in any time..

When Vida (the make up artist) was halfway doing my hair, I received an sms from Sayang saying "I dah sampai".. Shoot!!! I'm not yet ready.. Perut tetiba je senak.. hihi.. takut jugak ek time nak nikah tu.. Then my dad was panicking and asking my aunts to get me.. Hello!! Tak siap lagi lah.. ;) but Vida did an excellent job in no time.. I am ready to go down.. The moment of truth.. heheh.. konon.. I managed to hear the wifey part as wut the imam jurunikah bersyarah.. Then, it's time for akad nikah.. Bismillah.. I was so nervous as if I was the one doing the akad.. hahaha.. Couldn't stop thinking about him.. Is he as nervous as I am?? shaish..

With sekali lafaz, I am now Mrs Suhaimi.. Tak sangka kan?? hehehe.. Tapi kan, I didn't cry.. Why ek? Was it because I was too nervous just now? ;( My mom, aunts and some other did shed some tears.. happy ones though..

The event went on smoothly.. Alhamdullillah, it didn't rain.. Just after the event was over, it rained.. ;) Got to see lots of my old friends, my officemates, unimates.. Owh, not to forget org yang stay lama: Wafaa and Rozalinda

Guys, thanks for coming!! Eh, pictures nanti dah dapat nanti i will definitely upload k. But here are some of it:

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Putri said...

it's nice to hear your story bout your solemnisation day..right from your heart. I would have shed some tears myself if I was there...terharu utk tino..