Monday, October 08, 2007

Rules are made to be broken??

Rules are made to be obeyed to.. Not to be broken!!
(note: but sometimes it's best to break the rules kan??)

My dad bought a 42" flat screen HDTV recently.. Well, not that new lah since it was before my engagement.. Since the TV guy said that to preserve the quality (note: it was said that it the quality of color adn sharpness can last for 15-20 yrs), we should not play the PS2 there.. Guess he must have saw the console somewhere in my house.. So, my dad had firmly adn strictly stated the not-allowed-to-play-game-with-this-tv rule..

My lil bro (note: i loike to call him boy lah.. cute) obeyed this rule obediently.. Until last night!! Marah nye la kat dia.. My recent post stated that I want to use the Dance DDr game.. And I found out that my bro had lent it to his friends.. Not the game, but the PS2!!! So I sort of naik hantu and warned him to get it by last night..

He did as told, but since he's the burung hantu type and tends to forget the rules, he plugged the PS2 to the new TV and enjiyed himself.. (note: no wonder kejut dia for sahur macam liat giler).. How we knew?? After he had enuff of PS2, he didn't even bother to unplug and keep the console properly.. heh.. kan dah padan muka papa marah??

Moral of the story:
Always obey the rules when it relates to new stuff and preserving it..
Breaks the rules every now and then just to get the feel ;) but, make sure the rules are those that our parents can tolerate with..

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nina said...

lahai firdaus :D nak wat ja'at xpandai cOver! meh meh blajo drpd aku meh! huhuhu~ :D