Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why do you blog??

I've just realized that I love writing.. Erm.. I don't know how, but I think I do feel and have a passion with writing.. Me = writes?? A bit pelik lah.. But who cares..

I first started blogging because my friends are doing so.. Blogger is the hot stuff that time.. Besides, it was a way for me to pour my heart out during the 3 months semester break.. cuti means no going out for me that time ;(.. isk isk..

Then I stopped blogging as I was busy with my final year degree.. Busy woo.. Only update when I have the tine to do so..

When I started working, I started to blog again.. But kesian my blog, mostly I written about my depression, anger, bosan-ness in office bla bla bla.. Kirenya this blog was my place to pour my heart on the things that I felt not satisfied but have no say at all..

As I continue writing, I realized that when I write about something else, I write better.. When I write about my frustration or anger, all the four-letter words come out.. :) Altho I feel better after writing it, but I feel sorry for my blog.. Takpe lah, blog je tempat yang paling setia ngan kite kan? Oh, when I write about something hurtful or sensitive issue, I write it without thinking.. Ikut rasa hati je.. As readers are reading it, they felt what I feel.. Maka mula lah dapat sms2 semangat dari mereka2 ini.. hik hik hik..

But now, I think I just love writing.. Altho my topics are not world-issue related, but I love it!! I wil continue writing selama boleh.. Kot kot nanti dah tua, boleh la review balik and gelak2 kan?? Or maybe some topics can be a pengajaran for my daughters and sons, or even my cucu later on.. (Note: Kena warning awal2 on those four letter words lah)..

So, why do you blog?? Comments??

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