Monday, October 08, 2007

Iklan lagi..

Have you seen the TV*3 raya ads?? The one with Adi*bah Noo*r in it??

Hmm, do you find it similar to something??

I had received this teladan emails from my friends few times.. But the situation was in an airport.. About a lady who bought a paper and a bag of cookies waiting for her flight in the waiting area.. A man seating next to her reading a paper as well.. Then as they were waiting for their flights, the man open up a bag of cookies and took one.. Yummy ;) This lady got furious with this man and took one as well.. until to the last cookies.. She thought that how dare this man ate her cookies and she's not going to give the last cookie to him.. As she was thinking, the man broke the cookie into 2 pieces, gave her the other half.. Angry with this man, she walked away and boarded to the plane.. As she was enjoying herself up there, she opened her bag, and found her bag of cookies inside it.. So, whose cookies she took just now??

Do you find any similarities here?? hik hik hik.. but it's ok, the message is the important one kan?? I like the ads, and the message as well.. Do you?

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nina said...

jematan itew adalah jematan say0ng & stesen ketapi itew adalah stesen ketapi kuala kangsar :D ngeee~