Saturday, October 06, 2007

Raya celebration

Well, the pemegang mohor2 diraja in my house have decided that we will balik kampung (note: Masjid Tanah Melaka) to celebrate the raya eve..

It seems that my uncle will bring my nenek to kampung lah.. Well, that's an understatement actually since dia both side also Masjid Tanah.. ;)

Nenek called my mom and asked us to balik soon.. but as usual, we will only balik a day before.. Since umah sendiri pun nak get ready kan.. Besides, the cuzzies getting smarter by balik nite of raya eve.. cait!!

Please remind me to bawak balik the engagement album for all the broods to view and usual, gimme the "jealousy" comments.. ;)

Since my brother will have his SPM in November 07, we will be in KL by second raya.. But, I might go to Singapore on 3rd raya to meet some cousins there, and maybe get some hantaran stuffs there (if they are having the big sale lah)..

Owh, should remind dad to change for the duit raya ;)

And, remind the men of Zakat.. (kot kot ada yang lupa kan?)

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