Sunday, October 07, 2007

What Does Raya Means?.?.

Hmm, do you remember what Hari Raya means?? I do feel at different stages of life, we have different meanings of Aidilfitri kan??

When we were kids:
- Yeay!! It's time to berkumpul with all the cousins.. I mean ALL.. Sleep together, play together, everything is done together.. Kena marah pun together kan?? hik hik hik
- This is the only time of the year you got to play all kinds of bunga api.. dam dam dum, bunyi mercun.. Owh, I don't play the mercun.. My uncles played it for us the kiddos.. (note: this is also the time they got to play mercun like budak2 without getting lectures from the wifey)
- New baju raya.. Parents got crazy during the shopping raya.. Peoples everywhere shopping shopping and shopping. Baju kurung, baju melayu, dresses, skirts, jeans, pants.. all during raya sale.. (note: konon time sale kan murah, borong lah mereka ni untuk setahun, kononnye)
- Food galore!! Nenek will prepare all sorts of dishes and kuih raya.. BTW, I called my nenek mak.. hikhikhik.. she took care of me when i was a baby until besar sket kot.. since i got the sakit asik nangis (i think something like sawan nangis ke??), nenek took me berubat all over in kampung until it stopped for good. (note: will blog about it one fine day)
- Mintak maaf session with all (we didn't understand this but did it since all abang and kakak sedara did it)
- Duit Raya!!! This is the best part kan? I got 8 uncles and each gave a big sum of angpau.. Nenek will made us queue for 50 cents each cucu.. With her big coin bag.. Altho she gave the most small amount, but I did looked forward for this session. Her face expression (really lit up) this time.. sayang nenek..

When we were teenagers:
- We understood the true meaning of Aidilfitri.. Lepas siap, terus cari our parents for maaf2 sesison. cry our heart out for all the 1 year wrongdoings..
- Getting ready took longer for the girls.. Make up session (I love minimal makeup ONLY this time). Got to wear the kebaya as they started to regard us as anak dara sunti..
- Puasa cannot tinggal2 anymore, unless during that time.. hehehe.. benefits of the ladies, I must say..
- Bunga api?? Owh, that are only for kiddos.. Learned to play the mercuns.. But, still kena hati2 kan?
- Babysit the babies as their moms masak2 di dapur (note: this is my rutine until now as I am a bit reluctant to masak2 ramai2)
- Duit raya!! Well, we got more that the kiddies.. Even nenek upgraded our angpau.. Form 1 to Form 3 got RM20, above than that we got RM50 each.. wee hooo.. even the uncles upgraded our duit raya accordingly..
- Dah pandai raya sendiri.. Friends open houses, parents open houses.. Some got the chance to avoid parents open houses.. but that's not an option in my family.. Sigh..

When we were in uni:
- Mintak maaf event.. More dosa of melawan this time..
- Looking forward for raya bcos its get together time.. Here I come cuzzies!!
- Looking forward for the raya break.. but still excited for the raya eve..
- Mercun?? Budak2 skolah je lah.. We booked the TV for all the movies at raya nite.. The boys - out and mercun2..
- Getting ready took longer than ever.. hehehe.. more options here ok..
- Still do the raya hopping but not as many as before.. Mostly, depan TV..
- Duit raya?? Still get it but only from family members.. however, i did get almost (note: sometimes more) than my bro.. Cos uncles gave more more and more.. ;) Nenek up to RM 100 tuu..
- Our usual 2nd raya activities: A famosa waterpark (Only is at Melaka lah)
- Baju?? Not as meriah as before.. Now dah pandai pilih sendiri (note: mama, satu dua baju kurung cukup lah.. Jean semua tu yang nak lebih sebab gi kelas)

When we are working (note: NOW):
- Still get baju raya... Nice ones and quite banyak cos you have MORE open house and WEDDINGS during raya eve
- Still lepaking with cuzzies at raya nite in front of TV
- Mintak maaf from parents..
- Still having the food galore..
- Still beraya but to rumah terdekat only..
- Start to beraya at friends' houses during raya (note: mana yang kampung sama)
- Duit raya?? Now it's time for us to distribute the duit raya for the kiddos.. ;) And for nenek also lah.. ;)
- Looking forward to the 1 week hols break actually.. Mood raya tu tak lah meriah as before sangat.. hik hik hik

So, How bout you guys?? Dare to tag yours??

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