Friday, July 06, 2007

Hati, Jiwa, Raga

My post has nothing to do with my title. I just find it interesting :)

Hmm, new life's ahead.. I wonder it's gonna be good or bad..

1. Too many things to be done, too little time. Heck, how am i supposed to get everything complete within the time frame?? Minus the 5 working days, weddings on Saturday, house cleaning program on Sunday, I really have to SQUEEZE my time slot for it.. sempat ke ni?? takut laa.. erkkkk *risau sekejap*

2. There will be another re-org*chart in IS*TD department SOON!!! And as of to date, there's a rumors that I won't be here anymore.. I don't really mind wherever I am, cos it's part of the job right?? If I don't like it, there's always an opportunity to be switched back right?? But what really pissed me off is that why they don't bother to tell me or warn me about it? I am the one who's gonna be moved right?? Not the team.. So the least they can do is tell me right? But NO... everyone in the room knows about it EXCEPT me.. ntah pape.. *marah sekeap* Whether it's for better or not, don't tell me that I will know about it on that very day.. ada banyak hari lagi saya mau tunggu.. hik hik hik.. Biar laa, as long as I still get paid for working here, I'll do my best.. Maybe they feel that I'm already burned-out in Sup*port. Ngeh Ngeh Ngeh.. NVM, still have the patience to wait.. Will see later..

July Weddings:
1. Ahmad Fahmi Abu Hassan & Norkhamsiah Malik :: July 7th, 2007, Noon
2. Nelliza Nawi & Partner :: July 7th, 2007, Night
July Engagement:
1. Jue and Partner :: July 7th, 2007, Evening
Baby's Event:
1. KuLin's baby Cukur Jambul event :)
Owh, my mother was admitted to SALAM MC yesterday morning.. Wnet to see her at noon and last night.. Alhamdullillah, her fever is getting better. The day before she was admitted, it read 34.5 and last night it was 37.5. Hope today the fever will no longer be there. Her lung infection, that worries me most. Hope that gets better too.. She's with all this wires, kesian tengok.. One is the drip, one is the lung infection antibiotic, one more not sure.. MAMA, GET WELL SOON!!!
Plan for this weeked:
1. Saturday morning :: Will be at the hospital half morning.. Plannign to sleep there tonite.
2. Saturday noon :: AT Affam's. No compromise (kata dia laa)
3. Saturday afternoon :: Planning to survey the shiny stuff (^-^)
4. Saturday nite :: Nelliza's BBQ wedding dinner (since not able to go that noon)
5. If ada masa, will be at Lin's Cukur Jambut event :)
6. Sunday morning :: Kemas umah
7. Sunday afternoon :: Planning on going to SACC, Section 9, Section 13 for some stuff
8. Sunday night :: I NEED REST ON WEEKEND.. and this is the only time i'm gonna get for REST!!!

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Wafaa said...

sama la kita. taktahu kena campak ke mana.

gunalah mag itu sebaik mungkin.