Friday, July 06, 2007

GOSH.. Never thought it would be like this...

Gosh.. I never thought that confronting the parents would be a nerve-wrecking experience. Whoa.. Susah woo mau cakap.. So, Alhamdullillah.. Everything is cleared now.. Waiting for the proper way only.. Well, my mom is in Hosp.

- We bought Affam this kind of electrical multipurpose pot. Very useful and very ringan. Hope the couple will use it wisely ;)
- While we were there, I managed to go and asked Sh M the quotation price for her service. It's RM300 per session and for trial is RM100. Wonder do they do hair as well?? Hope so..
- While we were still there, we went to Dia*ond&P*at*nu* to have the look and feel experience with few design.. So according to the lady, jari saye gumuks.. I should wear those with wider band. Found 3 types that we like most.. tapi saye suke yang no 2, dia suke yang no 3 sebab no 3 ranggi.. haiyak..
- Asked Salikin*Sidek his price for jahit2.. RM250 without lining, with lining is RM350. Can opt to get him to design it for free :) i loike!!
Tomorrow will go to Cu*ve, to get the material.. with the guidance of the MOM. Then, might be going to B*S*C to see the shiny thing that f-MIL has booked for since like forever... then to bring 'em to see my mummy at the hosp..

Waaaa, aktivitiku penuh laaa... Owh, ahad malam ada kenduri kat umah Pak Ndak.. I sooooo havto prepare with the soklan2 mauts...

Roger and OUT


Wafaa said...

selamat hari kemerdekaan pada 31 august yeeeehaaaaaaaaaa

LynGhazale said...

agak berpatutan jugak salikin sidek tu ekk...aritu takut nak masuk muahaha

aieesha.salleh said...

owh, pasal salikin, assistant cam tut laa.. aritu kata rm350, tetiba hari ni kata kain beaded rm500 pulak.. tgk laa cemana pulak nie.. :(

LynGhazale said...

haha. wat does he mean kain beaded? die tambah beading atau pon if die jahit kain beaded akan jadik mahal?

enggak faham

Anonymous said...

if kain yang nak jahit itu berbeaded.. :)