Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Secretly admiring someone???

Have you ever been secretly admiring someone?

Hmm, as for me...
I have stopped admiring other people since i met my sayang..
Admiring artis, hard to say.. Since i've never been fanatic with any public figure before..
I'm always seeing my sayang everyday, and i totally shut my eyes from seeing others, admiring others.. bukan dia tak kasi, but i don't feel like doing so.. :)
bertuah tak dia?

Tetiba tadi while waiting for him, i bukak fotopages.. whoa.. it's a.k.o's fotopages.. guys, do go to his fotopages ya.. it's a very interesting fp.. nice pics, happy moments.. gosh, he's sooooo a.k.o...... hehehe.. wut? Can't i admire someone nice?? bluwekkk.. and so happen, i joined his yahoo groups as well.. guess i'm one of his fans too.. not the fanatic one, mind you!! :) he's a nice fella.. good role model.. and his DHAC is soooooooooo romantic!! sebijik cam hindi movie.. hmm, i think that drama pun started by following a hindi movie, can't remember the title, but pelakon dia preity zinta.. i love it so much!!

enuff of all this mushy2 part.. malu laa, lagi lama lagi banyak orang tahu pasal kelembutan and kejiwangan aku.. hehehe.. well, apart of being jiwang and mushy2 ni.. i'm still sad of the situation now.. not because of the yellow satria, but becoz of wut/how the yellow satria has impact on my life.. it's seriously majorly complicatedly a real thing... :( sigh..

really need him soo badly.. i'm only happy when i'm with him.. but why is it hard for him to know that.. to feel that.. why others ain't able to see that my happiness is being with him-all the time?? biar laa, nak komplen banyak2 pun tak guna...

to sayang, if you ever read my blogs later, i really wish you know how much i love you, how much u meant to me, and how much i wish we will be together.. we are destined together love.. akan ku selalu berdoa, agar jodoh kite diperkukuhkan dan sentiasa berbahagia, dan diberkati Allah... Muax, love you till my last breath!!!

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