Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hectic Day

Last nite, me and a friend of mine did this crazy little activity.. We went to KL Sentral, since I'm gonna met this kakak, which i called Kak Putri.. She wanted to share a business opportunity with me.. Well, somesort like online shopping business.. It's Amway.. :D Guess who's presenting the plan?? hehehe, it's ako mustapha.. :) One of my fav actor... the surface part was presented by aidi who's working at Alfa Romeo.. so whoever wanna buy alfa, do contact me.. who knows you might get a good price for it.. hehehe.. Gosh, how we see ako in TV, that's how he really is in person.. sangat gentleman gitu.. :)

Hmm, today I went to Tanjung Malim for a meeting with production team.. Mak datuk, we started our journey at 7.45am!! Reached there about 8.50am.. Suhaimi is sooo a RIDER!! His bos belanja all of us (3 org satu kete) nasi lemak yang sangat famous di situ.. Then, the meeting lasted until 1 pm.. heh, plus minus, i reached shah alam about 4pm.. Hari ni kerja aku merayau laa kiranye.. :D

Owh, internet di office dah pakai proxy.. lecey laa.. :( and ape cerita dengar nobita mengomel pasal anak2 buahnyer?? sangat tak best laa...

Tadi teman Roza gunting rambut.. Dia buat layer paras bahu.. :) NICE!!! Apa lagi ek.. Owh, then i bought a new hair treatment cream.. hope it's good this time.. And wafaa is planning to trim her hair as well.. and the manicure there is only rm30.. :D shud tell mas asap..


wafaa said...

me oso want to do hair make-over.ahaks.and ako was sooooooooooo encem.

aieesha said...

hahaha.. sabar saje laa.. hmm, aku post malam rabu, agaknyer dah lepas kul 12, pasal tu appear khamis.. aiyo..