Friday, November 17, 2006

Fashion Makeover ^_^

Well, the title itself can describes thousands of meaning.. :)

I think I need to have a makeover.. All from top to bottom.. ngeh ngeh ngeh..
To do so, I need some fashion advises from those who consider themselves as experts.. hohoho..
Iye laa, nak amik fashion consultant, tak mampu den nak bayar.. plus, can use the moolah elsewhere kan??

Well, let see what I've done so far:

- Earrings: Lots and lots of 'em.. Mostly the panjang berjurai type (since i'm so comel kan?? :) nice way to say i'm chubby ekceli
- Necklace: I think I have a few, but the one I'm always wearing is a give from Suhaimi, to feel that he's so close to me.. really wish that it will be for a long time.. Cos it's a very2 valuable for me.. yang lain, semua panjang2 type..
- Clothes: Hmm, I think I have to start sorting the one I'm still wearing and the one that I no longer wear.. Really feel that I need to ganti laa all.. Macam dah bosan tengok asik2 yang tu jer.. But currently, I really hate to shop for clothes.. Masalah size kot?? Hohoho.. That's why my accessories bertambah :)
- Pants: Currently have 2 pairs very nice jeans.. All others are slacks.. Some khakis.. But I'm so in lurve with the jeans..
- Skirts: Hmm, beli je, pakai tak.. Dunno when to wear and which tops look nicer with it..
- Hair: Colored my hair.. During Puasa month kot.. Now, I think of going for regular treatment.. And I sooooo dream to have body perm.. Biar atas stret, lepas bahu dia curly2.. hohoho, sangat lawa rambut camtu, but does it suit me?? How I wonder..
- Body: Am on HL treatment.. plus the slimming treatment.. plus I do feel that I need to go for swimming session again.. Only the breast stroke as it helps to define your body to be more curvy and all.. sexay!!!
- Nails: Always want to go for manicure-pedicure session.. But mahal laa.. :(

Apa lagi ek?? anymore ideas??

Dari segi rohani pulak, kena byk2kan bersabar, bykkan doa, dan rasanye have to selalu doa supaya dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, dicepatkan jodoh dengan yang tersayang, dan diberikan hati yang tenang selalu.. :)


wafaa said...

aku tak pernah lak meng'make over'kan diri ku yg cun ni. heheh tapi nak try gak lah.

aieesha said...

kekadang.. kite kena meng"make over"kan diri kite.. untuk ke arah kebaikan tak salah... kalo ke arah niat yang lain salah..

contoh.. ko melawa untuk hubby ko, itu kan mmg kena.. tapi kalo ko kuar ko melawa sbb nak org lain iaitu bukan hubby ko tgk, kan ke salah??