Friday, November 24, 2006

Penguin Day :)

Assalamualaikum WBT to all..

To those in PON*SB, we know that Friday is a penguin day, and Monday is a bear day.. Well, I think most people (wherever you are) are aware of these terms too.. hehehe.. As for me, I still call Monday as a garfield day, since I'm totally like Garfield.. just LURVE to laze around.. :) provided there's entertainment (TV) and phone and food.. still, i'm not supposed to eat as much as the sweet orangy GARFIELD..

So, as today is so-called a penguin day, i am in NO MOOD of working hard now.. Just lazing around in front of my PC, and updating my blogs, my fotopages and all.. and after having nasi beriyani for lunch, i am very2 sleepy.. wish there's bed and pillow and bolster here.. waaa, memang sedap tido sejuk2 macam ni..

Since PRO*TON is sponsoring A1 team, we-the loyal employee- received grandstand ticket to go and support A1 team at Sepang this Saturday and Sunday.. Go Alex Yoong.. semangat pulak tetiba.. :) Wish sayang jadi laa nak pegi.. If not rugi laa.. :( Sigh.. Maybe yellow satria has booked him this time.. Maybe he's just too tired to go out and have some fun.. Takpe laa, akan aku tunggu ketibaan saat yang menggembirakan aku.. :D

Pagi tadi, ada laa ca ya nun alip ni, membuatkan aku agak depressed.. Spoilt my mood the whole day.. Lucky now, i'm kinda ok.. :D

Petang ni nak teman sayang amik seluar dia.. Then nak tukar DVD Gong.. Ape laa, tak boleh bukak pulak.. Sigh.. Can't wait to see him, padahal baru je jumpe.. :D Mish him sooooo much!!!


wafaa said...

everyday is peguin day. ahaks

aieesha said...

harus gitu ada penguin day hahaha