Saturday, November 25, 2006

Complex Emotion

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all..

Sigh.. Have you ever felt all sorts of felling within you at a time? Well, I think I'm having it now.. Totally a mixed feeling!! And it really hurts to have it.. Especially when it's a mixture of confusion, sadness, anger, patience, and.. arghhh, it's totally hard to explain..

Despite of all this stoooopid mixture, I still managed to have some good times with RozalindaGhazale and WafaaLatiff. :) Went out today, for a while (sigh).. Accompanied the two gals for some hair makeover.. One did some trimming and the other did some hair lightening.. Basically women will always be women, when we are tense, we tend to do all sorts of crazy-unthinkable things.. Like me, i signed up for a 2K slimming treatment, took HL (which a good thing), spend almost every penny i have buying novels, books, and i don't know what!! HEH.. That's me ya all :)

And it's soooo hard to get hold of my lovely other half nowadays.. :(


wafaa said...

i did the hair trimming session. la la la la la la la la

aieesha said...

yeah i know.. nicely done!!