Thursday, June 15, 2006

What A Life!!!

Hmm, what a life....apa tuu?? Yesterday, I sent my car to Proton service centre for it's 60k milage..Plus, since my last 3 service, the PIC said that i need to change my timing belt but at the same time, they advised me to change it on my next service..LOL..So, this time, I told the customer service officer that i want it to be changed no matter what.. plus i want a major service, i want to changed the head gasket which has a similar issue as the timing belt, and i want them to check the drive shaft..asal kona je bunyi..shaish!!! hmmm, the PIC mentioned that he will check everything, and since i'm changing my timing belt, i better change the water pump as well..since my mom already given me the GREEN light, i can only asked him to PROCEED!! la la la..but i need to noe when can my car be ready and the estimation laa kan...

after he checked my car, he said I have to leave the car there for 1 day..hmmm, i called my dad and dengan tenangnyer dia kata "ok tinggal laa, lagipun kan bawah ofis je, and ada guard.." citt... cuba laa kalo kete tu kat uspd seksyen 25 tu..konpem tak bagi tinggal.. ('',)

this morning i met that guy again, and he mentioned that my satria can only be ready this friday (itu pun kalo COE tak tutup for tis event)..if not, i can only collect my car on Saturday..LOL..
risau gaks.. and the funny part, aku call org tu petang semalam...aku kata laa kat dia "tak leh kurangkan ke hari service??" and he replied back "i try kurangkan harga labor timing belt laa, leh kurang byk gaks.." Guess he heard me asking some discount kot.. la la la.... anyway, since i'm a staff there, i am entitled to some percentage of discount (the car has to be my name though.. ^_^ So from this amount (which i am not gonna state here), i managed to get rm878 for the whole thing...and tadi, the total amount has been reduced to rm770++ kot.. Alhamdullilllah....Since i managed to save a lot..i mean A LOT...i don't really mind to leave my car kan ada... la la la..

but lucky me laa, my dad just bought Honda Jazz for my mom, so there's 4 cars now..and since he's in Jakarta now, i'm using the JAZZ, my mom uses NAZA, and satria rests kat dalam service centre tu..ngeh ngeh ngeh..If my dad ada pun no hal laa..soh dia bawak je jaguar dia la la...
i think he's getting a Naza Sorento, i dunno whether NAZA got to go or my lovely satria.. but i already had the "talk" with him..told him i still love tat car, and wanna use it for 3 yrs more (lagipun, ada 3 thn je lagi nak bayar loan..)..then, either pass it to firdaus or i dunno..don't wanna think to that part yet.. aku kan sangat sayang barang2 aku.. hmm, and he just told me that he admires, aku jet laa lagi...since my mom dah ada jazz, beli laa yaris for me.. wow..dasat tak sedar diri nyer anak... keh keh keh.. eh, and my darling suhaimi refer the jazz as his jazz..asik2 "jazz i ok tak?..." kelakar and comel sangat!

Owh, my mood for going to work, doing the work, and strive for my very best are a bit low kot...aku terbabas dowh.. ni pasal test tu laa..test cam ok but rase can, aku dah weng for 1 week now..hope i'll be as energetic as before, motivated and as someone said in "Man of the House".., be ready to energize and electrify or something like that.. shaish...of all the time laa kan, masa ni laa mood aku kureng....

aku cam malas gile..maybe coz i'm a bit lost now.. really need my secret recipe cakes therapy and shopping, i shud start back going swimming after's been 3 weeks dah...(wafaa, cepat mek, aku dop sabar doh ni..)

Please someone, help me, motivate me..i'm soooo down!!!

jap jap..lom habis lagi..kak mek is coming to town..anok jate dia nok nikoh..buleh dop, anok dia ngan aku ni satu opih, tapi dop kenal... la la worries, aku kenal olyn and wafaa pun masa masuk proton ni...


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