Thursday, June 29, 2006

Why oh why???


Jam di dinding baru menunjukkan pukul 4.25 petang?
Bagaimana ingin kuharungi detik-detik ini selama 1 jam 5 minit lagi??
Sesungguhnya pemikiranku buntu, atau lebih mudah kukatakan kepalaku pusing.......

It's nearly half past 4...and i thought it's nearly 5.30pm....
i am so bored and frustrated and need my indulgence
when we need it to end fast, it always late...
but when we need the time most, a blink and its gone!!

why the pressure??
why the hassle??
why the worries??

i am young,
i am cheerful
i am vast
i am energetic
yet i am tired...
have i had enuff???
no, cos it's life....

full of surprises,
full of the unexpected,
but it's worth it
cos these are the things that makes life full with colours!!!!

but now,
my heart is screamin'
for the songs
that will let me free
and run from this reality
as far and as fast
as i can be!!!

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