Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weddings, Test, Working, Friends..Who said life is simple??

I really think this month is soooooooo weddings' month!! I'm all booked for these couple of Saturdays and Sundays..Mentang-mentang laa cuti skolah kan..Hmm, guess maybe it's some sort of 'sign' to remind me to start SAVING for my own wedding..MAYBE..hehehe..really shows that i'm not the deposit-cash-to-account-and-don't-use-it type..ngeh ngeh sum up:

  • Saturday (10.06.06) = Zuba's wedding at Kinrara.. Actually she's successfully starting to do the wife jobs..She's married on the 3rd (kot)..but her wonderful day was held in Besut,'s sooooooo "near".. :D, so she asked us- her bachelor's friends to attend the bridesgroom side!! kire celebrate laa pihak lelaki terima menantu..then, she's off to Sabah..neway, her hubby is a police inspector - mind you!! vast gitu..
  • Sunday (11.06.06) = I have another wedding on this date but i soooo can't recall it now..ermmmm,'s my cousin's fiancee's lil brother..So, guess i really have to attend this one..Family kan..
  • Saturday (17.06.06) = Kak Mek's hubby's son is getting married..She's my cousin, but i'm close to her daughters (they're 18 and 16)..but haven't meet Abah's son yet..Wonder who he is..Wedding will be held at KSAS..Malam laa tu..
  • Sunday (18.06.06) = Nana's getting la la..tak laaa, it's her sis..dunno yet whether i'm going tis one..kat melaka laa..guess if i'm going, nak ajak mie balik kampung skali, lama tak jumpe nenek kesayangan (neway, she's d only grandparent that i still have now)..
  • Saturday (24.06.06) = If i'm not mistaken, Emi is having her day today..guess i'll be going wif ninna..Venue: Sekinchan kot..the deal with ninna, i'll drive, but not my car.. la la la.. ye laa, susah laa nak bwk manual transmission jalan kona2 ni..(mentang2 laa dah keje kat automotive company)..

Sebut pasal automotive firm ni, gosh..i'm sitting for my raven test this monday (12.06.06)..this test will determine either i'm gonna be accepted as permanent staff or not..If i pass the test, my status as a contractual staff will be changed to permanent staff..If not, I'll stay as a contractual staff until 2008..It's only a 2 yrs contract..The same condition also goes to my dear sayang..Actually, this rule are for those fresh graduates (local or overseas)..Please please please..please pray for us ya..well, i like my job now..although my previous post stated otherwise..heyy, i've nothing to do that, i have things to be done..not really really busy, but my time is fully utilized..Lagipun, aku nak start kumpul duit untuk kawen, beli umah, bayar PTPTN, bayar kete satria tu..hmm, macam2 laa nak buat..Gosh, typing about this raven test pun dah give me butterflies i prepared for it? I dunno.. but really wish i can do it.. it has 36 questions and the time is only 40 minutes..8 choices of answers to choose from..DAMN..Hope me and sayang won't be confused with all the choices..

Owh, last couple of weeks, anak2 dara pingitan Group IT were all transferred to PSA Hicom..They had this reshuffling of the departments thingy..Guess it's bcos the MD is moving to COE..I'm supposed to move with them which had made me berbelah bahagi for days..I like to stay at PSA, not bcos honey bee is there, but i can save a lot as no toll and i can use the coupons in cafe..At the same time, I don't wanna leave COE..well, it's a new building (2 yrs baru kot), i have this big workstation, have internet access, pantry, service centre is at the ground floor (easy for me..i'm driving satria remember??)..Suddenly, 3 of the ppl who shud move were held back at COE-->including me..Now, my feeling changed..I feel totally yeay..i'm not moving..i have internet access, new office and all..but something struck me..the gals aren't with now, aku sorang je anak dara pingitan di Group IT (COE) la la..tapi takpe gaks, aemi was transferred to COE..she's in corp, at least i still have someone near my age..^_^..Lucky me..About my buddies that is now at PSA, no worries..I still can meet them up once in a while, as i always have my lunch in PSA (kupon tuuuuuu), and my users are in PSA..btw, i'm supporting the SAP system for one of the department in my company..

Owh, there's this 1 guy had just joined the company..he looks totally FAMILIAR..cheh!! budak UiTM gaks rupenyer..Azril kot nama dia..He's majoring in ISE..Guess Suede must've known him..cos he's at chern's wedding too..SO, now there's 4 new staff in Group IT came from UiTM..Sapa kate grad UiTM tak laku haaa? Wafaa(CS225) joined in January 06, ME (CS224) joined 1st March 06, Olynn (CS226) joined on 15th March 06, and lastly Azril (CS226) joined this month..wonder who will be joining us la la..funny part is: I dunno them when I was in FTMSK..Azril je yang muka cam familiar..hahaha..Wonder if they've seen me before in FTMSK..siot, nampak sgt aku jalan tak tengok kiri kanan..or is it bcos I only see my sayang and nothing else matter?? jiwangs dowh aku..


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