Saturday, June 10, 2006

Love is all around!!

Hmm, mesti orang orang sumer pelik tengok aku kan? Kejap kaler lain, kejap kaler lain..huhuhu..biasa laa tu kan..Life shud be soooo colourful so that there's interesting things everyday for us to see..muahahahaha..Me is starting to be c.r.a.z.y....Neway, post tadi tu, post pasal apa aku nak buat these coming weekends..Yang ni laks post pasal my life semalam..

Well, my daily rutin didn't change much..pagi2 gi keje, i think i managed to reach the office b4 the "song" la la..and lunch time prince charming datang amik aku kat office..kitorang gi makan kat Corner..ntw naya, u shud try this place..not bad at me aight!!Then balik ofis, wat keje and tetiba lagu fav aku la la..dah time balik..tapi keje berlambak2, i stayed back..called sayang, dia pun cam tak, i suggested him to go to DEMC..tapi keje dia lagi, aku kata habis keje, call me..and we meet up at DEMC..tetiba, aku lambat laa pulak, so jumpe kat umah aku je laa.. we went to DEMC naik his car,erm..the KELISA laa..bukan JAZZ k..(he so claims that my mom's JAZZ as HIS JAZZ) :) Lucky for him, doctor gave him 1 day MC..panas dowh badan dia..

On the way nak balik, b4 bayar tiket parking..he's phone vibrated..silent mode again: as angin gaks..tapi dia tak sihat kan..i asked him,

Aieesha: "sapa call u sayang, u tanak angkat ke? haaa, mesti sapa2 nie"..
Sayang: "tak penting.."
Aieesha: "cane belom angkat tak penting pulak??"
Sayang: "NANA yang call..takyah risau laa, takde apa2"..
Guess my face must've look a bit pelik
Sayang: "kan i kata takde malas nak bagitau u ni, nanti jadi camni..lepas ni takmo bagitau lagi laaa, i tak sihat ni.."
Aieesha: "I tak cakap pape pun..dun worry, i'm's not like there's anyting between u two..She has a bf already, apa lak i nak pk bukan2? just i pelik laa, tetiba dia call.."
Sayang: "tak penting..u takyah risau..dia tak penting...i tak pk pun...ari tu i call dia, saje je..dia tak angkat.."
Aieesha: "hmm, no worries, i noe cos it's stupid of u guys to have something going on when both of ya in a relationship kan..but slalu ke dia call?"
Sayang: "nope..she's just returning my call..."

For the first time, i'm not threatened by that name..we have a history in and sayang..tis gal was his ex gf masa dia f4 and minah ni f2, and they were having sum sort of fling kot..but he told me about it..and said no feeling attached..if it's a revenge, i don't mind..really..but i can't hear that name laa..berapi aku...tapi tu, when he was being soo honest last nite, and told me who called, i feel relieved...cos sayang is the secretive type..and usually dia susah nak cakap if tanye sapa call..even if it's his mom..

by telling me who called, i really2 feel secured..cos it means there's no hanky panky going on..and sikit jeles pun tak timbul..malah, perasaan sayang yang bertambah2 lagi..sebab for me, it shows that bagi dia, aku mmg penting..and i'm his gf..and he's serious with me (since 2000).. in fact, we even talk about the future..not sooo soon, but at least, there's plan to it..selalunyer, we just said that we want to be 2gether forever, tapi if jodoh takde nak wat, it's soooo different..serious, my love for him is growing more and more..tak penah berkurang..and wer'e never bored of each other..i guess..

I'm all yours!!! not fully yet, if u noe wut i mean.. :p ya loads!!!!!!!


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