Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wedding Piccies :D

The other day when i posted my blog which titled "UPDATES", i wanted to post some piccies from Chern's and Sue's wedding..Sadly said, i failed..Sometimes I just don't understand this blogger thingy..Kekadang lepas, kekadang tak lepas..Well, lucky for me, this time I managed to post some..Yeay!!!

So I guess I better start with Chern's wedding..since her ceremony took place la la..Some of ma piccies may be a bit "perasan lawa dan comey dan vogue", while others may look as if i just "hilang anak2"..huhuhu..anyway, who cares?? it's ma blog after all..btw, all the piccies ain't from my camera (since dgn bijaknyer aku tak bwk masa chern and tak caj masa sue)..So you guys, enjoy da piccies aight..

L-R: Azri(naya's), Naya, Hunny Mie, Me, Hyll
Titi and Chern at meja makan beradab
Theme: Pink..Tgk laa Pelamin dier, pink!! dan sangat lawa..Wedding was held at Dewan MBSA Sek 11 Shah Alam..Both look so different..(seri pengantin) la la la..

L-R: Me and Mie
*Sigh* when will be our turn..lama lagi laa..but at least we r happy and proudly still showing our loves..6 yrs is a long time woooo..

L-R: Hyll, Aieesha, Nana, Mel, Min, Naya
Saje amik gambar bawah gerbang..kengkonon amik berkat laa..anyway, none of 'em has changed a bit..kewl!!!

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