Friday, October 07, 2005

wonderful birthday!!

Gosh::it's been a while since i last log into ma blog bz bz..wif the so-called thesis works..hmm, it's hard to please evrybody..including maself..chewaahhh!! Although ma birthday started not-so-good, but it ended wonderfully!! :D thanx to ma greatest other half..hehehe..ehh, i noe it's already october 7, dah lambat sgt to create post on it..but who cares?? 17 sept s not that far :D

my darling mie took me to our "usual" spot..hehe, gi planet ahr :D dgr live band dier..yang agak ranggi..hehehe..gosh, didn't ecpect him to take me there..(dia kata pokai)hehehe..anyway, ma wichlist was way far from his kemampuan..hehehe..and dia pun taktau what me want..hehehe..but he managed to give me somethin' nice.. Gucci Envy Me (sooooo nice bau, it's sooo shweeet..hehehe..and for me its better than the RLL that me want) and a nice picture frame wif our pic in it laaa..(never tot he's tis romantic!!)

tapi after tat, we're back to the usual..loads and loads of those assignments..kalo pests, dah leh panggil pest control..shaish!!!

but we had fun..tu yang penting..hehehe..Sayang, thank you sooo much..really appreciate your effort..muahhhh!!

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