Saturday, September 10, 2005

My Birthday Wishlist!!

Hmmm, someone called me today, asking me what i want for ma coming birthday::Gosh, how can i possibly tell that someone what i want?? unless it's ma DAD::I'm soooo happy to ask him for the whole list!! hehehe..
Generally, tis is wut on ma wishlist::if any of ma gifts "kena" ngan ma list::i'm gonna be the happiest person on earth that day!!

.::Ma WisHLisT::.

  • IPOD shuffle::I know..i ppl are eyeing on d latest mp4 player..but wut am i gonna use it for?? i definitely won't watch any picture or movie from tat small screen!!i just wanna hear songs!!so, i'm ok wif mp3..but i want ipod's white!! :D
  • New digital camera::mine is should i say tis?? i'm eyeing d want wif 2.0 lcd, wif both optical and digital zoom, nice copy and colour (must hav good resolution of course!!), my aim-->panasonic eh? yg ada lekka lense tu..demanding huh??
  • RLL parfum::owh my!!!tried d miniature d other dad bought himself polo santa barbara parfum(without taking us SHOPPING wif him :( sigh) he brought back tis RLL miniature..d smell is just WOW!! so, i want it..heheh..
  • HIFI Stereo wif DVD skali laa::not dad promise me new stereo (like d one in his room, wif DVD and all) before i gave ma stereo to ma lil bro..(mine is 10 years back..but you can play CDs..ok wut??)..but then, after aku ni dah takde stereo..he tends to PURPOSELY ignore it..evrytime i asked bout it..he's gonna say "ye ke??" duh!!!!
  • New Notebook::d one i'm using now..few years back..dah banyak patah or retak ntah..asal ada project..i'll drag it to d faculty..n tat time..centrino takde, i need new one wif centrino inside!! :D me sooooo bad!!
  • New Car::rite now, i'm not being choosy and all..any car will old mom dah lenjan habis2an!! i like suzuki swift..but d price, it's not worth it!! my dream car-->RAV4..gonna get one if i'm working wif 5 figure per month!! rite now, kelisa, kembara will do..gosh, ma friend once told me, "you're sooooo into 4WD.." i used to drive Vitara..then i like CRV..then RAV4, the all d luxury cars (lexus, named it!!) then, just plain satria..then back to ma swhhheeeeet RAV4!! kan best kalo mie kasi as one of d hantaran!!hahaha..tak kawin kang!!but now, kembara is quite nice!! :/

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