Friday, October 07, 2005

Just being Me

hmmm, it seems that i'm back to ma old routine..pemalas!! i deleted ma old blog here cos i didn't update for almost 5 months kot.. yang ni pun lama tak update..hehehe..but anyway, i hope to keep tis one..hmmm, people must be wondering why tis blog macam berada di pulau yang terpencil..nape yer? hehehe..when i started tis blog..i want to remain anonmymous to ma fwens(me being secretive) basically, takde pun ma fwens yang tau..but ntah macam mana ntah, one day..i decided to buzz nadia..and hyll pun ada..hehehe.. (me being sooo bzbody..padan a good way though) maka terserempaklah dgn muka2 yang familiar nie..lucky for me, they're not ma coursemate (degree laa), for ma degree mates, none of em noe bout ma existance eh..reason?? i just wanna feel free to say wut i want, when i want to!! bosan laa, life's too short..kalo asik nak jaga hati org lain..u won't hav your own life(me being selfish)..hehehe..but anyway, hope to change it..(me being fickle-minded)..but sometimes, i really wish ma fwens from 224 ada masa to buang masa like me in front of tis monitor..(me being so-desperately-lonely) hehehe..Sigh..but sumer dok hostel..yang dok luar pun macam takde connection kat feeling bored..and i also wish ma sayang have internet connection kat umah i can see him 24-7..(me being romantic)..bebudak skool kalo baca ni mesti tension..(ye ahr, tino ni tak cukup2 lagi ker kat skool berkepit..hahahah..(me being .. me!!)

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