Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fasting Month

hmmm, fasting month is BACK!! and the worst part is --> i don't remember how many days i have to ganti before tis year's's not like i banyak tak's actually the "time of the month" and i was sick for few days..hehehe..just remembering the moments that time..sometimes no matter how old we are, when Ramadhan comes..every one of us (i don't know the alim ones) act a bit childish..tengok jam dah kul brape, waiting for our period to come..and others laa..

just saw naya's blog just's sooo funny of her..and her malasness really show!! ada ker terus assume jer..:D tapi it's better than checking it every hour ker..(which i had done before..long time ago!)..lagi macam tak sabar nak 'kena'. well, when it comes, we do have the "keistimewaan"..:D but yang lemah tu time nak ganti balik..orang lain sedap je makan kan??

hmm, found farah shady or now known as farah bella's blog d other day..soooo creative laa minah tu..friendster ke, myspace ker..whoa!! memang berbakat..hehehe..just lurve the hearts flying around the webpage. *nice* macam snow laa pulak kan..:D

wut else ek? nothing much..except i'm a bit sedey..i couldn't afford to bukak pose wif my sayang everyday..yupp, may sound like..whut?? but i have to divide my times wif ma family, frens (i mean highschool fren lagi, 224 lagi), makan sorang2 and my sayang..*shaish* cian siot sayang aku!! :(

anyway, d usual..hope to lose some weight this pose..actually that can be accoplished, but each that i managed to lose..senang cakap-->will come back really fast..2 hari raya jer..heheheh..*sigh* ye ahr, pity my sayang..mesti asik kena kutuk ngan member dier..awek..makin chubby..hahaha..if i do it tis time..must do it for maself and for HIM..hope it works..*cross ma fingers* :D

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