Monday, September 23, 2013

Insurance.. done!

Ahhhh... Such a relief. I've settled my insurance premium. :)

To sum all up, I went to the counter myself, and voila, they accept split payment. Rupanya if the agent yang buat, they only allow payment by auto debit your credit card.. so, I decided to go there myself and buat sendiri. Puas hati. Tak jauh pun, kat klang saja.

Lucky I have a friend that is soooo baik hati to drive me there.. and she was not my agent :) ye lah, found out that dia pun agen insurance selepas dah commit dengan sorang lagi kan.. takpe, rezeki lain mana tau?

On other note, best juga ye guna app blogger ni?

Signing out with love!

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