Sunday, December 09, 2012

Back to being a Shah Alamian

Assalamualaikum.. fuhh fuhh.. breathe in breathe out.. It's been a while.. Can u see all the unwanted spider webs in this blog? he he he..

Nothing much is going on in my life now.. I am now officially back to be a Shah Alamian ^_^
We've finally emptied our damansara perdana's crib. It is sad to see the apartment being emptied by the movers. Oh, will make a special post for the mover :)

It's a 2 days' move. So we haven't officially announce it yet, even to our family members. So nanti jangan ada yang kecil hati ye. I don't have any extra time to entertain all these sappy feelings ye. I am tooooo tired!

Well, since our own place is not ready yet, we decide to move into Kampung 9 first. And to simplified things, we only take those that we want to use back to Kg 9. While those that we felt not needed temporarily, we sent it to storage.. Well, some may say "wah, berlagak macam orang kaya.. siap masuk storage bagai!". But trust us, we've done the calculation.. If we rent a small flat just for storage, it's gonna be around 800-1000 per month.. Shah Alam sekarang mana nak cari yang 200 lagi kan? Masuk storage, it cost about half than that. ok la tu kan? We didn't want to make Kg 9 a mess just by adding more stuff into it!

Apart from the moving activity, we decided to temporarily check in to Kg 9 due to my mother's condition.. She had a mild stroke recently. Oh jangan main-main ok.. ubat 4 serangkai tu, kalau dah mula makan, jgn sesuka hati miss ok! and I tell yah! her house is big enough and we've been here almost 20 years now! So can you imagine the rubbish inside???? First day, we just balik tido saja. Second day, I was in charged to clear up 3 fridges. Imagine that 1 have my barang2 basah to put in.. She had all her datuk nenek things in those fridges.. It took me almost 2 hours to clean up 1 fridge! thorough cleaning ye, bukan ala kadar punya! fuhhhh, memang sangat2 penat. nanti kita post gambar okay!

till then, I am about to go to la la land. Good nite all.. Miss you guys ya!


ACHIQ KG3 said...

hey .. welcome back 2 shah alam :p shah alam gak yg best, kan! ahahaha .. kirim salam kat mak ko .. semoga cepat sembuh & sentiasa dalam lindungan+rahmatNya :)

aieesha.salleh said...

hey achiq :)

tu lah, back to be a shah alamian.. tenang.. weh, sorry aku tak dapat memberi apa yang ko mintak tu.. emel2.. sebab sibuk membuat persediaan berpindah :)