Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrating my big 30

I know that it's still too early for me to post about my birthday celebration, well it's only 10.30am now.. I think i can make a timeline here, and we'll see how many times I update my post today ^_^

I received sms from my sis in law Azian, and my mother in law sometime after midnight. So they're the first one to wish me. But being me, i'm already in la-la land around 11-ish. My mom wished me around 7.30am, and called me around 9am :) TQ Adik, Mak and Mama!

But the most surprising wishes of all, is from my little brother :) First time ever for hime to send me sms, and a sweet one too! By far, the best wishes I had so far.. Really make my day! You see, we had a fight about 3 weeks ago about this IPAD that he bought from his friend.. some comment I made that make him really pissed off! And my mother and I were really mad at him, since his friend sold it without the charger and all. So he called me, and we were shouting and screaming and cursing each other.. then when we meet each other, it was really awkward! hehehe. Seriously I didn't expect him to remember :| Sangat terharu.. TQ so much my one and only brother!

But anyhow, as usual, I'm still waiting for my other half to wish me.. But as usual too, his not the type that wishes people on the important dates. The last time he wished me was before kawin! Hah.. But my 4 year old baby boy wished me right after he woke up.. Called his Oma, and told he "Hari ni birthday mama tau, mama nanti nak kena tiup kek tau!" Such a sweet boy!

Ok, am waiting for my mom and mil to come over.. sayang my husband is working today when all malaysian are having a sweet holiday! Haish, tarik cuti ke raya haji ye bang?

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