Monday, June 21, 2010

Segak bergaya

We went to a dear friend's wedding last night at Holiday*Inn Glenmarie. It's a simple and nice event. Only about 100 guests were invited where most of them are the bride's relative. (Kawan kami adalah bride). Event starts at 8 pm and the couple were already seated at the main table by then.

They got married August 2009 in Purdue. But only recently they manage to come back here and her father straight away book a place and sent out invitation. Demi anak tersayang ^_^ Oh, they touch down here at Friday's night. Cepat kan?

Her husband - a mat salleh guy, a very bubbly guy indeed. Sangat lah peramah and he made me laugh a lot a day earlier. Sangat handy man as well. Maybe that's one of the reason why my dear friend falls head over heel with this guy :)

They wore a black + silver songket. She wore a moden kurung, while her husband lengkap berbaju songket melayu, bertanjak dan tengkolok, bersampin, sangat cute dan segak bergaya. I don't have a picture of us with the pengantin sebab i left my camera at home, and now waiting patiently for her to email me. Nanti I post ok.

Anyway, there's another fella who also look handsome, cheeky, segak bergaya that night. Wearing a white long sleeve shirt, given by Tok Ki when he was 8 months (baju is for 24 months), and his long jeans, memang handsome :) And as alway, he entertain us and his "aunties" with all the perangai and kecomelan dia. So here goes:

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