Thursday, May 13, 2010

Project: Home_02

I never knew that moving out could be this hard. Yeah, of course I'm feeling excited and all, especially with the window shopping moments, deciding on the kitchen cabinets design, selecting the tiles and door frame, sketching on how my little Ashraf's room going to be like. But seriously... PENAT.

We listed all the things yang kena ada for both me and husband. We ended up making a long list and going over the estimated budget. Hmmph.

Basically, apa sebenarnya benda yang perlu ada?

Atas nasihat MIL and my mother, we did our kitchen cabinet before moving in. Takpe lah, later on senang. But our other long list tu macam mana ye. Memang tengah perah otak mana yang nak cancel off. The list:

  • Mattress and bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Paint
  • Grill (I cannot compromise on this since I will be staying on the higher floor)
  • TV (he said he wants to stay home and watch all his favourite things)
  • TV cabinet
  • Dining table
  • Washing Machine / Dryer (no laundry services for us)
  • Sofa at living hall
  • Fridge
  • Mover cost
Haa see... Most of the items are the basic item at home. Gimana sih mau kurangkan nih?

I'm stuck here with no idea...


Shalyz said...

That's about the same list I have, Tino... no way to kurangkan... All are necessities...

Nevertheless, I think kitorang nyer strategy is... Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen and Utilities (Fridge, Washer, Dryer) is priority (assuming lights, fans and a/c dah masuk)... Living room furniture can come in slow2...

Rozalinda Ghazale said...

Brg yg dh ada skrg, xyah beli dulu like tv, diing table yg lawa

Wafaa said...

Benda2 cuci rumah pon kalau ko kira2 balik, garu kepala jugak. walaupon hanya sebatang penyapu, mop, baldi, hand glove, liquid cleanser, yada yada.. hmmm... to complete a house, is not that easy.

Anonymous said...

tino, mattress is important. bed is not. paint is not. grill bila bdk kecik dah start jln and panjat sgt penting. tv penting nanti if xde, asyik nak kluar and duit kluar byk. tv cabinet tak penting. dining table tak penting cos leh mkn alas suratkhabar jek. washing machine/dryer tak penting cos boleh singgah htr dobi or weekend gi basuh jek kat shah alam. sofa tak ptg especially if bdk kecik still 'exploring'. fridge is very2 penting cos dats where u need to keep leftovers etc utk save makan esoknya.

there u go. ni pengalaman aku yg dah lama masuk rumah. till now ada benda yg rasa tak cukup. but we surveyed for good deal quite a lot. so u can roughly gauge how much u need to save to buy certain things. then bila dah cukup saving for dat particular thing, kitaorg trus beli jek.

all d best. happy shopping!

aieesha.salleh said...

Shalyz: Tu la kan, I pun rasa all tu macam necessities. Macam sofa at living tu rasanyna later2 boleh kan but try to argue with XY species. Hmmm.

Roza: Kitorang kan asal2 memang dok rumah mak. So TV mak punya, dining table mak punya. Nasib baik lah ada kedai macam 99*home dan perabot*bahagia tu.

Wafaa: Barang2 cuci rumah pun mau cecah puluhan or ratus kan. Waaa, itu aku rasa macam amik apa yang extra di rumah mak aku :)

Zamnzara: Thanks for the info dear. We thought of buying the mattress first :) Memandangkan bos kenit dah exploring stage, rasanya grill tu ada la. Paint will be later on kot. Wish ada big 'B' lah this year

Wafaa said...

Ikut ketinggian rumah ko, grill wajib. Dah ukur pon dah kan, tinggal pasang je

aieesha.salleh said...

Wafaa: Betul2. Ikutkan ketinggian, sangat lah tinggi. hehehe.. Ko boleh ke kalo aku jemput2, datang tak? Kata nak wat cekelat sesama :)

Wafaa said...

Can can cannnn..