Friday, April 30, 2010

Project: Home

To those who knows, I am in the midst of moving out from my parents' house to my own apartment in Damansara Perdana. I think it's about time since my little boy will reach mark 2 in few months, and barang-barang dia saja dah memenuhi setiap pelosok ruang kosong yang ada.

But moving out is not easy. First, with my dad's condition, hati mau keras beb nak keluar ni. But we (me and hubby) agreed that we will drop by as frequent as possible. Maybe we will be kaum nomad untuk sementara ni sampai dia sihat. 3 hari sini 4 hari sana ke macam mana ke kan.

Second, the budget to install built in kitchen cabinets and to fill up the house memang lah costly. Ini pun dah budget2 ni. Tu pun mencecah-cecah melepasi line budget juga tu. Nasib baik lah lampu kipas langsir semua dah buat awal-awal sebelum the house tenanted last year. fuhh.

But the excitement of pilih barang, jalan-jalan memang best :) OK, nanti kami dah pindah, I will post pictures ya. Maybe sometime next month or the month after.

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