Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me {Hmm}

I am officially 4 years old in this manufacturing company.. Funny when Mr Suami reminded me of it this morning. 4 years? Wow, couldn't believe it that. Setianya kepada majikan aku nih ek. Am I? All of sudden, i felt I am having those middle life crisis. Here I am, having a 8-5.30 job. Sepatutnya bersyukur kan? Yes, I am grateful. Tapi when you are still at the same point, same grade, somehow it can really spoil your mood. Ni lah jadinya when you go to big organization. Lama nak tunggu turn kan.. Still, I have to keep my hati beku like ice queen. "Lots of bills and loans to pay every month", is the way I console myself everyday. Sometimes bertukar kepada "Ashraf needs his toys to play, Ashraf needs his FM yang harga memang melambung-lambung tu everyday, and what would you feel if you can't provide him what he wants Aishah".

These are my motivating statements to get up every morning at half past 5, getting ready to slave myself in the office from 8 to 5.30, and have a normal life daily.

Ada yang pernah kata, if you work at a place for 5 years, then you'll be there forever. Is this true? Ada yang kata, you won't be able to sell yourself if you stayed at a place for more than 5 years. Adoi, mak confuse lah.

Well, happy anniversary to me. As usual and like all other working people, harap laa ada increment lebih sket tahun ni kan. Kalau ada, memang rezeki anak.


Jaja® said...

this april will be my 5th year with sony. hmmm..

Rose said...

Happy Anniversary to you :)

aieesha.salleh said...

jaja: Well, looks like our hmm gonna be longer by years kan? ekekeke

Rose: TQ dear.. BTW, how's your life there?

Wafaa said...

Aku pon 4 tahun gak kat sinih. 4 tahun on last Jan. Grade? Hampeh tak naik-naik. Gaji? You know how. Expenses? 150% confirm bertambah-tambah. Hmm.. Why i'm still here? Sb, i want the convenience (in term of time) to look for our lil family, especially our anak kecil.

aieesha.salleh said...

Wafaa: aku pun mengenangkan convenience untuk si kecil dan sabar selamanya. tsk tsk