Monday, April 06, 2009

Of many issues

It's been a while since I've updated this blog.. Blame myself for it.. hahaha.. A lot of things happen in my life now.. Not just that, even my country received a new Prime Minister now.. DS Najib, the man who will transform our country.. Whatever plans he has, I hope he will succeed.. I had enough of all this politics scene.. Sometimes, seeing the MPs debate dalam TV, macam zoo negara pun ada.. alahai..... As for my own life...

Ashraf was admitted to D*E*M*C from 23rd to 25th March 09 due to high fever.. Being a mother, I was worried sick, thinking all the possible what-if situation.. Part of me was feeling guilty for having to send him to daycare centre (altho it's a good one).. I'm so sorry my darling, but mama has to work to pay my bills.. My little hero was supposed to have the drip, but the doc couldn't find his veins.. Chubby baby I have.. :) Sampai both my son and his doc berpeluh.. So the final say was for him to have a 3 days antibiotic injection at his muscle (Kesian anak mama peha luka2 dah).. Well, for the details of his stay at the hospital, I'll write it in my other blog ok.. Anyhow, after he was discharged, he's been coughing teruk sangat.. I guess it must be the weather.. :( Doctor kata banyak kahak kat paru2 dia.. and he's having a flu too.. As of today, he;s getting better..

Dalam anak bujang tengah tak sihat ni, my company is having the year end stock take.. yes, our financial year is from apr to march.. i need to attend to a lot of issues regarding stocks.. I know I'm in ITD, but as a SAP support team, we have to always support the user.. OH, SANGAT BOSAN OK.. but i felt pity to my dear officemate, she's pregnant but still have to attend to the user request yang mengarut2 tu.. Alahai, cian baby dalam perut dia.. hehehe..

Oh, my father was also admitted when Ashraf was having his high fever.. but in a different hospital though.. Doctor said he has pneumonia.. Kesian papa, just got back from Chiang Mai and Bangkok, masuk Malaysia balik kena tahan kat wad.. aduhaiii...

I wish my hubby will get a big sum of salary raise this year, extra bonus, or maybe naik pangkat?? But knowing his company, I can just wish... Oh, bila agaknya saya boleh concentrate untuk duduk rumah sepenuh masa????


nina said...

wooo .. hope meke cepat sembuh
ashraf cepat ce'at ye, nanti achik lukis smiley kat pipi ashraf :D

tingat dulu adik sedara aku pun kes yg sama
nak drip tapi tak dapek cari veins dia (sbb sendo)

last2 doc cucuk kat .. pergelangan kaki?
adehh .. seksa nengoknya :-S

aieesha.salleh said...


Ashraf everytime lepas doctor inject, dia nangis 20 minit sampai mama dia pun rasa nak nangis sama.. kesian sangat kat dia

sob sob

tapi ashraf kuat :) macho bile nurse datang.. hehehe

yumyum said...

get well soon baby ashraf. kesiann dia.

aieesha.salleh said...

TQ aunty Yumyum