Monday, April 06, 2009

api api api!!!

Ohoooo... I've been meaning to post this since the day it happened. On 13th March 2009, our office had a fire drill training session.. We were told by the Safety Health Department that the fire drill will be today, but they didn't tell is the time..

I was in the loo when the first alarm rang.. Since we were told to turun after the second alarm, I take my own time betul rambut in front of the mirror.. hehehe.. sangat laid back ok..

Tapi ramai jugak yang pakat2 berlari turun before the second alarm.. ape daa.. tak paham instruction kot?? Lepas berkumpul kat safety area, we only chit chat with each other.. what a nice way to kill time and waiting for the 5.30 bell.. hehehe..

After the head counting procedure, we were invited by the pak bomba to see how they work.. I managed to snap few piccies, enjoy:

sangat susah ok tengok mereka bekerja, pancuran air terlalu kuat, tapi hari yang sangat panas membuatkan kami terasa nak mandi hujan.. hahahaha..

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