Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Get Well Soon Dad!!

Today is an important day to Dad..

He's getting a cataract laser operation.. Mom was there the whole time.. Alhamdullillah, everything went well.. Oh, he went to OPTIMAX to do it.. The doc said that mata papa dah hmmm, agak teruk.. dia tak jaga mata dia.. urat2 semua dah banyak burst kot.. so kena buat cepat.. Papa decided to do on right eye today, and he'll do the left one on this coming thurday..

He was supposed to fast since last night (only plain water).. but at iftar, dia dah belasah macam2.. kuih lopes je baper keping, mama komplen.. hihihi.. So as expected, sugar level dia 14.. Lepas doc masuk ubat, naik 15.. seb baik leh buat jugak ops tu..

So Dad, get well soon ok.. Don't worry too much. Get enuff rest and act like a king since you have the chance to do so :)

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