Friday, May 02, 2008

Labor Day & Such

Well.. well.. well..

To those who gets to celebrate their "off" day at work yesterday.. Happy Labor Day to you guys.. well, including myself ;) Tapi kepada mereka yang terpaksa bekerja, (Ee..sabar ok..kerja awak tu murni) don't feel down!! Tak silap kalau kena kerja masa public holiday, gaji triple kan for that day?? hehehe..

My acitivities yesterday:
  • Kemas rumah.. hahahah.. got him to vacuum the whole house but i have to do the mopping.. sheesh..
  • Betulkan PC ofis MIL.. something wrong somewhere lah..
  • Gi makan kat hartamas.. woohooo.. alang2 kat situ, kitorang sempat laa jalan2 kat hartamas square tu.. Ada kedai baby.. En mie excited tgk baby cot and stroller.. Mahal.. tapi ada warranty 7 thn.. plus the baby cot can be turn into play pan and then into a kid's bed.. gempaks.. rege pun gempaks.. sheesh..

Today pulak, office kosong.. Hmm, boring.. rasa nak tido.. Owh btw, did i mention that i'm searching for new job? well, since this kepala-otak-p-tos-bengong ni, i got really stress with my work that i automatically try to search for new one.. hehehe.. got a reply from one.. Requesting me to send them a CV according to their format.. say what??? apa2 je lah, will do if i have to kan??

Masih sayang kepada environment di sini dan the pace i'm at here.. but, if both of us are in here forever.. tak survive lah.. if dia kuar, i'll stay.. if dia stay, i'll have to move.. sangat terasa perit bile benefit kami telah menjadi satu di sini.. so, limit kami cuma 2000K per baby.. kalo lain kompeni, mebi kami leh combine kan.. dapat lah better place ;) now.. sheesh...

Well, tak sabar nak tunggu 12.30... hehehe.. lunch time means i get to see my favourite Rocco, Chico, Kitty and dear little Comel ;)


Putri said...

triple pay tu not applicable for me...the pay is the same as working on a weekend...kalau keje 7 eleven tu dpt la..

aieesha.salleh said...

akahai, cian dia.. tapi takpe, murni gitu!!